Corporate Accounts

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We strive to be extraordinarily helpful, and as easy as possible to work with, when we accommodate your individual guests and groups in Palo Alto.

We hope this resource page will assist you with questions about:

  • Credit card authorization forms and when we need one
  • How to request a group room block
  • How to set up a direct bill account

If you need additional information please let us know.

Credit Card Authorization

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Please fill out a credit card authorization form when reserving a room for a visitor to your company or organization if you intend to pay for this person’s room and the physical credit card will not be present at check in. This form must be completed by the card holder and returned to the hotel prior to the guest's arrival.

Alternately, an active Corporate account can be used for direct billing of a guest stay. To open an account scroll to the next section.

Group Room Block Requests

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For decades, the Cardinal Hotel has successfully worked with hundreds of Silicon Valley companies and organizations to lodge countless visitors to Palo Alto for every reason imaginable. At the Cardinal, we are honored that companies in Palo Alto, and throughout the Bay Area, have supported our business, since 1924, and continue to value our high standards for guest service and satisfaction.

We value the partnership fostered with our local business colleagues as we work together to bring people, from across the Bay to halfway around the world, to experience Silicon Valley, Stanford University and, of course, the magnificent Cardinal Hotel.

Whatever part you have played, or will play, as we approach 100 years in the hotel business, we thank you.

Please let us know how we can help you set up your group block at the Cardinal Hotel.

Direct Bill Account Requests

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Direct Bill Account Application

Consider a direct bill account if you:

  • Book rooms regularly with the Cardinal Hotel.
  • Would like all the reservations you make be linked to a single account.
  • Have colleagues who book rooms that would be paid for with the same credit card or department funds. You can share your account details with these colleagues.
  • Want to guarantee a booking to an account instead of providing a credit card number or filling out a credit card authorization each time you reserve a room. (You can still pay with a credit card, it would just be saved (tokenized and PCI compliant) in your account.
  • Want to book rooms directly on our website and link them to your account during the booking process

If interested, please fill out the Direct Bill Account Request below. It will take 2-3 minutes. If you have any additional questions please email or call (650) 323-5101 and we will be very happy to help you.

>> Take advantage of the Cardinal Hotel Breakfast included when you book direct (available Tues- Sun)